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Chemtrails aka Geoengineering efforts to reduce the amount of sunlight to reduce global temperature going to fail. A study done by the,  (found here at)Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany. They say while such interventions as geoengineering my cool the climate it will also change the water cycle and the atmosphere. In a warmer world rainfall should increase due to evaporation. When the surface is heated more strongly by sunlight instead, they estimated that the water cycle would increase more strongly by about 3% per degree warming. However, Kleidon and Renner also found that this 2% increase only applies to the case in which the surface warming was caused by a stronger atmospheric greenhouse effect.

east coast1

“It’s like putting a lid on the pot and turning down the heat at the same time”, explains Kleidon. “While in the kitchen you can reduce your energy bill by doing so, in the Earth system, this slows down the water cycle with wide-ranging potential consequences”, Kleidon Concluded.



This article was written by The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. You can find it here at . This article starts by saying that greenhouse gas caused by global warming would cause world precipitation to rise by 7%. However trying to fix the global warming problem by geoengineering could result in monsoon rains in north America and east Asia and dropping other regions rainfall by 7%.  

The article says one way on geoengineering is by carbon capture. The other way is by injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere. “ you don’t like warming, you can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface and cool the climate. But if you do that, large reductions in rainfall are unavoidable. There’s no win-win option here.”  say   NCAR scientist John Fasullo. 


shade the atmosphere by injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere

Sharing this video posted 7/13/2013.

Dozens of planes over the weekend were spraying over the jersey shore on the weekend of 7/13/13. Planes were spotted at similar altitudes, that had 0 condensation trails what so ever.



Keep documenting these crimes. Good job Builderberggroupinfo

Hey everybody just a quick link i found to check out the super tanker. What markets can you sell a super tanker airplane to you ask?


Oil Spill Containment
Weather Modification
Biochemical Decontamination

Also don’t forget That Evergreen had an unmanned division (drone). That division was purchased by VT group see link.

 Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.

Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.

This article written June 16th 2007  by Scott Barret click link for bio. Scott Barret wrote this article for Springer Science+Business Media link here on the Centre for International Governance Innovations website . Scott Barret defines geoengineering as deliberate climate modification  by solar radiation management. He writes that geoengineering might help buy us time to develop and diffuse new technology’s. The article notes that stratospheric aerosols could destroy the ozone layer.

He quotes Dr. Teller (strangelove) “Geoengineering may even offer environmental benefits, the main one being the blocking of harmful UV radiation by engineered particles. This health-related benefit for the U.S. alone would exceed the total cost of geoengineering by more than an order of magnitude.

The article says Dr, Nordhaus at MIT says offsetting the green house gas would cost 8 billion dollars per year. An amount so low he calls “cost less.” David Keith at Harvard calls the cost “trivial”. The article says the us cost of climate change would be 82 billion a year. Barrett suggests that even if the cost of geoenigeering was much higher it will be tried on a large scale as long as the cost doesn’t exceed the climate change cost.

The article then calls for governance of the geoengineering program. the United Nations also calls for governance so does the Rand Corporation so does Congressional Research Service so does Oxford so does MIT so does Harvard just to name a few.



The Intensives of geoengineering are so attractive.

“$8,000,000,000.00 a year an amount so low he calls it costless.”


This article written by Jeff Goodall appeared in the November 16th, 2006 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. This is a great article you can find it here at rollingstone .com. This article is mainly about Lowell Wood. Lowell Wood is one on the Pentagon’s top “weaponeers.” Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist who works for the Carnegie Science endowment calls Wood “not so much a scientist but a planetary engineer.” He also said that “Wood enjoys playing Dr Evil.”







He is a Protege of Edward Teller. Edward Teller fled Hungary to avoid the Nazis. He is called the “father of the hydrogen bomb.” Edward teller was the real life  inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film “Dr. Strangelove.” In “Project Plowshare,” Teller wanted to use nuclear bombs to excavate harbors, mines and canals. Teller also suggested setting off nukes under the surface of the moon to “unleash a great fountain of water and enable humanity to colonize the lunar surface.”

Portrait Of Physicist Edward TellerDr-Strangelove





Teller and Woods worked together on Regan’s “Star Wars” program – a program to, among other things, shoot a laser at a nuclear weapon and destroy it before take off. The article calls the Star Wars program a “flop” but that’s debatable to say the least.

After the Cold War threat of the Soviet Union collapsed Teller and Woods began working on “climate change.” They determined that by using nano particles the could reflect back sunlight. These nano particles could be engineered from aluminum or sulfur. Spraying these particles out of retrofitted 747s, among other ways, they could deliver these particles to the atmosphere . Wood says in the article, “as far as I can determine there is no law against doing this.”

Woods determined that with 300,000 metric tons per year of nano particles it could shade the arctic sunlight 25%. He thinks he would do it with as little as 6 retrofitted 747 planes spraying particles. He thinks this would cost around $100,000,000 a year. He also thinks that this will be quick and harmless to the environment. Once the Global elite realize that geoengineering is the cheapest solution, he assumes, “they’ll swiftly & reliably beat a path to the Geoengineering Door.” :-) The future is ours, Comrades – history (well geophysics & economics is on Our Side! :-)) Woods also thinks that this is just the first step and that humans need to terra farm mars.

The article ends with this creepy quote: “Human beings are like cockroaches,” Wood says with typical black humor. “It’s fairly easy to kill the first ten percent of the population. And if you try really hard, you might even get the next ten percent. But no matter what you do, you’ll never get that last ten percent. We will find a way to survive.”

On August 15th 1952, 35 people died in a great flood in England. Check out this article here. In 24 hours 9 inches of rain fell. The water caused a surge in Lynmouth England.

On that day, 90 million tons of water fell – 250 times the normal rainfall in a MONTH. This article in the Guardian found here, say the disaster was officially termed “hand of God.”

Although the people said the rain smelled of sulfur and they said it was raining so hard it hurt, their allegations of weather modification were dismissed as conspiracy theories.

However, squadron leader Len Otley and his Navigator Group captain, James Hart, remember the success of flying over clouds and pouring in dry ice. Also, to quote the Guardian, “documents suggest that Operation Cumulus was going on between August 4 and August 15 1952. The scientists were based at Cranfield school of aeronautics and worked in collaboration with the RAF and the MoD’s meteorological research flight based at Farnborough. The chemicals were provided by ICI in Billingham.”

Wow this article made my brain hurt. The article can be found here at For those of you who don’t know who David Keith is you can find his bio here at The article starts by saying how David Keith wants to test spraying sulfuric acid in aerosol from into the stratosphere. Wha’ts not new is serious opposition. What IS new – his “peers” think its time to take it seriously.

In 1992 Keith wrote a paper, “A Serious Look at Geoengineering.” And I quote “The possibility of unpleasant surprises in the climate system justifies a more coherent (though not large) research program in order to define fallback options needed to make reasonable policy choices.” – David  Keith.

Keith gained attention when Noble Prize winning Dutch scientist Paul Crutzen backed him up in his article written in 2006.

The article said Keith thinks by 2020 world leaders will be ready for geoengineering. That’s why we need to test it. Just one more quote – Keith says, “Anybody who thinks geoengineering will work perfectly and have no risks is a nutjob.”

In 2007 Keith and Caldera get funding from Bill Gates and Carnegie Institution for Science. Bill Gates also invested in Keith’s company.

Then the article calls US conspiracy nuts for thinking they’re spraying. THEN continue to talk about how they need to start spraying. He says, “Do I think [geoengineering] will create some new problems that we’ll have to fix? Of course.”

No were not spraying anything. But we do wanna spray stuff

No were not spraying anything. But we do wanna spray stuff.


The CIA is funding the National Academy of Science to conduct a 21 month study into geoengineering. Report by Mother Jones found here. On this weather modification project the CIA teamed up with National Academy of Science, NASA and NOAA. Then at the end of the article they say how it will “excite conspiracy theorists.” CIA, Nas, NOAA, and NASA trying to control the weather. Move on nothing to see here.

geoengineering look away

geoengineering look away

Article written by Diana Bronson from ETC Group. ETC Group is fighting geoengineering. Check out this article here at Check out ETC Groups website. This article is great the breakdown on geoengineering and it’s dangers. She also writes about the convention on bio diversity held in oct. 2010 in Nagoya Japan. Where countries of the world ratified a memorandum on planet wide geoengineering experiments. The only countries not involved were the United States, the Vatican and Andorra.

Insane sky over my house 2010

Insane sky over my house 2010

White House chief science advisor speaks about geoengineering and chemtrails. He states that we are not currently doing it – yeah right.

The NASA C.A.R.E program, short for Charged Aerosol Release Experiment. This program, dubbed “The Night Time Artifical Cloud Study,” can be found on here. NASA launches a rocket to study artificial noctilucent cloud. This experiment was counducted September 19,2009.

This mornings spraying started around 7:30. The chemtrail planes were 3 to 4 deep per pass. The runs were horizontal to the sun with few verticals runs every so often. What a mess this spraying aluminum and other assorted chemicals makes of the sky. The sky writers seemed to calm down around noon. Then back at it again in the late afternoon at a much slower pace till about 4:00.

geoengineering early

geoengineering early

solar radiation management

solar radiation management


Visit here. Let’s get a big show of support for ending this madness. Geoengineering is a crime!


They were busy spraying heavy today here on the coast. Starting at 7:00am they were spraying mostly south to north. I also had a report of spraying over the west side of the state as well. The planes sprayed all afternoon in a solar radiation management pattern. Spraying to the west of the Sun so the drift was in front of the sun at full width. Aerosols were sprayed till roughly 3:00. Had camera issues today but my west reporter sent me this picture from this morning.


Published on Nov 20, 2013 by Scott Anthony
HEAVY Chemtrail activity in Central NJ. Full report with proof images to follow including scientific data to support this claim. The next vid should prove to any skeptics beyond a shadow of a doubt the difference between Chemtrails vs Contrails

Found this letter here at It is from a gentleman who works for the state of New Jersey’s health department. This letter is his geoengineering testimony. The site is hands down the best – great job guys!

Picture of what I call a rainbow cloud for lack of a better term.


During this convention held in Geneva in 1977, the United Nations had a treaty passed on environmental modification. This memo on the US Department of the State’s website shows a treaty signed by 84 countries. The countries agree on terms of weather modification – the modification is not to be used militarily against each other. However it states no where in the document that countries can’t use environmental modification techniques on their own soil.


There is no question mark needed – NJ Chemtrails at their finest.